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App Building 101

4 angle video replay to iPads


In the dynamic sphere of modern business, developing an app is not just a trend but a fundamental necessity across all sectors. This intricate process, which amalgamates a myriad of disciplines and resources, was the cornerstone of our journey in pioneering wireless video streaming to iPads. This endeavor, navigating a territory primarily led by titans like Sony and Apple, was not merely a project; it was an expedition into groundbreaking innovation.

UX and App Design


Our mission commenced with the intent to revolutionize coaching in ice hockey, but it swiftly expanded to encompass World Cup teams in rugby, football, cricket, and Stanley Cup contenders in the NHL. This venture was more than just about technological advancement; it was a testament to the power of persistent coding excellence and laborious innovation.


A crowning achievement was the adaptation of video analysis technology for surgical training in ORs, marking a significant leap in enhancing medical education. This is a vivid demonstration of how video technology, when contextualized, can wield immense influence.

The charm of iPad technology is its apparent simplicity coupled with our philosophy of zero-day training. Yet, behind this facade of ease lies a labyrinth of complex programming and engineering prowess, making user interaction as simple as a tap to analyze a live game.

Liverpool Football Club


The development of our wireless video streaming solution was spearheaded by some of the brightest young minds from Waterloo University, Canada. These talented individuals were proficient in a range of technologies from Xcode to H.264 and HEVC streaming. Our endeavour provided a platform for these brilliant minds to hone and apply their skills in the ever-evolving language of code.

Our commitment to our project was relentless. Daily tasks involved installations, demonstrations, and a plethora of virtual interactions, all undertaken without a tangible gauge of the effort's impact. Nevertheless, we persevered, fueled by our conviction to deliver the premier video solution, as evidenced by our adoption by elite international sports teams and coaches.

SkySports media appearances Ivan Reel

Our journey was a tapestry of experiences - traversing continents, confronting challenges head-on, and constantly innovating coaching methods. Whether it was braving the elements or rapidly addressing feature requests and bugs, our dedication never faltered. We vigilantly kept pace with industry developments, ensuring our app remained compliant with the latest technology.

Confronted with the challenge of our innovations being mistakenly credited to others on television, we remained steadfast, driven by our vision to redefine the capabilities of IP network technology. Our interactions with diverse individuals - from coaches to presidents - were marked by a blend of constructive feedback and genuine appreciation.

Yet, the most rewarding moments were those of direct impact - witnessing the joy and surprise on the faces of coaches, players, and analysts as they used our app. Seeing the world’s finest sports professionals utilizing our technology live on TV was a testament to our success.

The user experience of our app is the result of immense creativity, intelligence, and technical prowess.

Paul O'Connell with iPads and Candy Crush comment


New York Rangers on bench


This is the essence of app development: Immersing ourselves in the field, actively listening to our customers, and crafting solutions that not only fulfill but surpass their expectations.

Liverpool FC and SkySports Media Appearances
Anfield stadium and Liverpool Football Club
NYR On bench
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Melbourne Rebels


And always, when we handed the iPad to a head coach, a player or an analyst or see some of the best coaches and players in the world using us in-game on broadcast TV and their first response is a smile we knew we had done something magical.

What we see in use on the front end in App is the result of a massive amount of creativity, intelligence and brilliance on the development end. 

This is how you develop an App. In the field, with the customer, hearing them first hand what they want and how they want it.

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