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Pat Button SVP Shaw Telecommunications

Welcoming Ivan on board as a Product/Marketing Manager added an important element to my top-class team at Sony. Ivan excelled in many areas of the business from budget management and achievement to kicking off a variety of marketing programs using a blend of creativity and practicality that enhanced the performance of the team. Ivan’s versatile capabilities allowed him to champion impromptu PR assignments for multiple product categories delivering essential Sony communication. It’s no surprise to me to see Ivan managing the Mobile App space as a Product Innovator. It was only a matter of time. He will be a valuable asset to any team looking for someone who knows the business and is passionate about creating and marketing Mobile Products and Apps in the mobile and wireless space.

Patrick Button, Senior Vice President Wireless Sales
Shaw Communications

Brick Eksten CEO Qligent

Ivan has a rare combination of market vision, drive, tenacity, and passion along with an attention to detail that inspires those around him while he is providing clear and decisive direction to those that work with him. His willingness to be both mentor and student combined with his tenacity and passion consistently raise the bar for the entire team making him one of the 'go to' leaders in the organization, one who knows how to solve complex problems and drive projects to completion while getting the most out of the team and partner relationships. His ability to recognize the value in complex systems and create revenue opportunities for the company where others only saw challenges and hurdles makes him a valuable asset in any organization.

Chief Executive Officer at Qligent

John Bijman - Apple

Ivan's attention to detail and ability to proactively anticipate client needs would be an asset to any organization. At Apple Ivan produced reliable timely information to assist in product inventory planning, and he consistently went beyond the standard product presentations in assisting his internal and external customers. His easy-going personality and strong communication skills made him a pleasure to work with. I fully endorse Ivan for reliable product management and inventory planning.

John Bijman, Finance Manager (Apple)

Anil Sethi - Sony Board of Directors

I have known Ivan for more than fifteen years and had the pleasure of having him in my team for seven years. Ivan has always been customer-centric in his approach. He is quick to identify market needs and innovative in fulfilling the same. I am extremely pleased to see him develop products for training and tele-monitoring within the medical fraternity.  Ivan knows how to make use of cutting edge technologies and how to integrate them with the framework of customer operations. His latest offering is a testimonial to this concept. I wish him the very best.

Anil Sethi, Advisor to Management, CPDG, Sony Corporation, Tokyo Japan

Stosh Durbasz

Ivan always presented full dedication to his peers' needs no matter the ask or need. I recall his willingness to make the effort in any aspect required to ensure success on any project. He is a true asset to any marketing, technical sales and/or management role to any organization. He is a dedicated team leader. 

Stosh Durbacz, Sales Manager, Canada

Eric Heidendahl

In the Sony Broadcast Division, Ivan was always quick to convey adoption of new technologies and he seemed to have a sense of what the customer needed and how the application of new technology could be of benefit.


The streaming video technology in myplayXplay is the latest example of a creative solution to a customer problem.

Eric Heindendhal, Professor/Coordinator Broadcast Engineering at Loyalist College

Rick Littrell - VP Agfa | Compugraphic

Ivan was one of the shining stars of the Applications group at Agfa Compugrahic Inc. He was always insightful and helpful in all dealing that I had with him. Very technically astute. I can recommend him without hesitation and would expect him to be successful in all that he does.

Rick Littrell, Passionate Marketing Strategist & Technologist

Jeff Ibbotson - GM Sony Broadcast

Ivan's Product and Business Management ability and skills were exceptional to the Sony Broadcast team in Canada and abroad. He easily moved from Sony factory to end customer expressing the features
and needs between both groups helping
to develop better product for Sony.

It is unsurprising that he has developed a mobile video platform for Sport and Medical verticals. He would be an asset to any products group looking to stay current and be innovative on our ever changing technology and broadcast landscapes .

Jeff Ibbotson, Senior Vice President
Sony Broadcast & Professional Group

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