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I embrace every challenge with a positive attitude, absolute enthusiasm and a desire to learn. It’s what you’d expect from any leading executive in the industry. It’s a spark of inspiration layered with creativity that drives my strong skill set and professional experience. This foundation makes me a valuable addition to any company. Take a few minutes to watch the video below. I had the pleasure of being invited to a special speaking engagement where I presented my innovative App and Video platform myplayXplay to attendees and Alumni of the Degroote School of Business "DIGITAL LEADERSHIP SUMMIT.” I was proud to be in the same company with individuals from Stanford University, Ford Motor Company, Klick Health, SAS Canada and Open Matters.


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Inspiration, Skills & Talent

The digital age revolutionized communication across all mediums. This dramatic evolution continues to progress at a pace that I could have only dreamed about as I started my career in the late 80s and early 90s. Today we have instant communication in 140 characters or less. Many people literally cringe at the use of the "short" message. Yet, the Mcluhanist in all of us revels at digital media’s limitless ability to reach out and touch so many people at a moment’s notice with messages that convey meaning and concepts in a heartbeat. Visual mediums have always inspired me. I often stand in awe of the power of historical and contemporary artists. Their influence has sparked my creativity and helped develop my innovative curiosity for advertising, marketing and technology.

Simply put, I am passionate about visual mediums in all their different shapes and forms. My career started in the early days of digital film laser plotting/etching at Agfa. It has progressed all the way to today’s robust use of design packages, tablet use for the web while still being part of the print medium.

Evolution of the small details taking care of the BIG picture 

Recently my attention has been focused on the development of my App — myplayXplay™. The process of creating the App represents a culmination of all the skill and training development I accumulated over the years in a variety of roles at leading-edge corporations. All of these experiences have increased my knowledge and understanding of images in “DIGITAL” format or presentation.

  • Gaining insight into the practical execution on video acquisition and compression complements of Sony

  • Developing innovative technology, articulating design specs and bringing it to life thanks to Apple

  • Addressing market needs today, planning for the future while staying ahead of the innovation curve cultivated at Avoca

It has been an exhilarating adventure to see how myplayXplay™ is so relevant by addressing sporting problems/use scenarios that can help enhance team performance during training and game time, recognize and confirm player injuries as well as yield a very easy to use tool for high level coaches allowing them to do instant analysis. It has been tremendously rewarding to see myplayXplay take an active role in markets occupied by top professional teams across the globe — from Australia Cricket to Liverpool FC to Irish Rugby and the New York Rangers.

My vision has served me well.



June 2013 - 2017

Technological Innovation and Management with High-impact Benefits

Building an innovative iOS App and Video Server Platform for Pro Sports is no small task. Determined to turn my vision into reality, I was able to launch myplayXplay™. It was an exhilarating labour of love. I consider the development of this App to be my greatest accomplishment and most technically groundbreaking work in my career history. It was everything at once — the most gratifying, challenging, fulfilling and, I must say, scary endeavour I have ever undertaken. From the initial App idea to Platform Design Implementation to managing the Developer Team, this exceptional role was intense. From Liverpool FC to the New York Rangers all the way to Europe and Professional Rugby, I was able to achieve so much with a small team compared to other companies with access to dozens of talented people at hand. myplayXplay™ adds a unique dimension to sport and coaching LIVE during play action like no one has seen before. Senior high-level, non-technical coaches have managed and curated HD video content in real time as a game progressed as if they were seasoned broadcast video professionals.


The benefits of myplayXplay™ to sport — teams, coaches and players — is immeasurable. And that’s the most rewarding aspect of creating the myplayXplay™ experience. It has been my greatest achievement...and certainly not my last!



January 2007 - 2017

Business Development and Executive Management

Much of my career has been focused on design and creative. However, during recent years I’ve had the opportunity to focus on fundamental business development and management skills. As a member of a businesses partnership, there were many days that were very exciting being part of a product launch for a brand of Mobile accessories. And it didn't stop with a house brand. Product and Brand Development for Canada's Bell, TELUS, WIND and Rogers, to name a few, meant we were helping establish business lines for our retail partners. The result for me was the chance to practice all of my skills at hand. From packaging and design know-how and marketing plan development at Sony to Logistics and Channel product pipeline management at Apple. A combination of all of these skills gave me the ability to launch my own line of products. It has been a remarkably rewarding experience to see my own products on national retail shelves.



January 2001 - September 2007

The Ultimate Exposure to Broadcast

Holding the role of Senior Product Manager at Sony was a high-level achievement on my professional checklist for my career. At the core of my role, I managed HDCAM and XDCAM Camcorder products as well as Studio and Production LCD Monitors. My duties were extensive and covered all technical aspects of the product as well as building and managing all for marketing programs and inventory planning.

With the advent of High Definition vision in the consumer market, the broadcast industry at the time also moved through a dramatic shift in technology. Admittedly, this was the biggest change in acquisition and delivery of Television and Film production and content since the advent of colour television sets 50 years prior. This required a technical capability whereby board-level troubleshooting to broadcast studio and truck routing was not uncommon. Parallel requirements also included an understanding of optical camera blocks, CCD/CMOS Sensors, Lensing, LCD, and LED knowledge. Not to mention an appreciation of the creative production process.

I worked closely with factories in Japan to convey customer new features and capabilities for cameras and monitors. We then worked together as a marketing team to roll out and execute the annual budget and sales estimates. Our team worked closely with Sony engineers on massive installation projects for broadcast studios and trucks. On the other end of the sales spectrum, we also managed the dealer network rolling out programs for rental houses, independent videographers and filmmakers.

This position was so diverse and rewarding. The level of talented individuals that I had the pleasure of working with daily was astounding. From artists to engineers to technicians, this industry is the most creative and innovative communities to exist. I am extremely proud of the contribution I made to this division and the mark Sony left on me through my involvement in this unique and fulfilling senior management role. 



The diversity and range of initiatives and disciplines I have undertaken in my career have lead to one that has been exciting and fulfilling. But then that has always been my goal. Always applying my best efforts but more importantly the whole of my heart.

"The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand."

... Vince Lombardi


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1999 - 2001

Apple was an extraordinary journey and a fortuitous one. As a result of the many intense roles I held, I accumulated a tremendous amount of knowledge. The roles included Inventory Planning, Product Technical Marketing, Product Launches, Software Launches and the coveted role of being the Apple Canada PR spokesperson. The unlikely merging of these diverse responsibilities showed the faith Apple had in my skills and capabilities as their employee. I, in return, loved the experience that working for Apple provided. It remains one of my most rewarding chapters in my career.


1993 - 1999

Fresh from University, I returned to the workforce as an in-house creative design professional. My creative skills flourished in design. Early WEB design, POP, Sales Kits, Packaging, Sales Sheets, Sony Catalogue and working side-by-side with upwards of 12 Marketing and Product Managers to deliver one of the biggest brands in the world to market. In the latter stages of this role, I took a more senior position as creative lead on many daily projects. In the latter stages of my first career stint at Sony, I became the Central and National Trainer for the extensive dealer and retail channels. These skills spoke to my technical prowess and capabilities of distilling significant technical concepts in consumer entertainment products.


1988 - 1990

As a young professional there was no better organization or team to help establish a career within the workforce. Agfa offered me enormous latitude in learning Pre-Press and Production techniques. In some cases working with masters in their industries through our customer base. I likely learned more from Agfa customers than they did from my tutelage in new desktop systems for production.