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Ivan Reel

VFX and Media Professional





244 AustinPaul Drive

Date of Birth:

March 25th, 1969

More, About Me

Sony, Apple, Imagine, New York Rangers, Philadelphia Eagles, Liverpool FC, England Football (theFA), U.S. Army at West Point, Australia Cricket, Ireland Rugby and more. During my 20+ years of Design, Marketing, Sales,  Consulting, Advertising, Product Management, Product Training, I have had a profound impact on top-name brands whether they were a client or an employer. The firms mentioned are in my career history by design. Extremely knowledgeable in Public Relations and Product Development, companies recognize my unique area of expertise and the innovative business skills I bring to the conversation about developing and implementing exceptional marketing plans. I was excited to be part of each team. I achieved a wide variety of marketing and product management objectives for each company while keeping the user experience top of mind. Globally, there are very few Sales Associates, Product Managers, Marketers, Trainers or Entrepreneurs who can A-list such a diverse group of top-name brands in the fabric of their portfolio.

​"Ivan has a rare combination of market vision, drive, tenacity, and passion along with an attention to detail that inspires those around him while he is providing clear and decisive direction to those that work with him. His willingness to be both mentor and student combined with his tenacity and passion consistently raise the bar for the entire team making him one of the 'go to' leaders in the organization, one who knows how to solve complex problems and drive projects to completion while getting the most out of the team and partner relationships. His ability to recognize the value in complex systems and create revenue opportunities for the company where others only saw challenges and hurdles makes him a valuable asset in any organization." 

- Brick Eksten, CEO, Qligent

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