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Medical in Operating Room
Helping to redefine the Apprenticeship model in Surgical Training.

As a learning tool accessible video is insurmountable in value. We see, we mimic, we learn. In 2016/17 I had the amazing opportunity to work with SickKids Hospital to prove this true. Unlike how professional coaches use the product I built for Pro Sports, the Head of Surgery, would now utilize iPads as a virtual scalpel to demonstrate the best approaches to Fellows for surgical procedures. LIVE, during that procedure! We connected to in-room video sources, #Stryker in this instance, the video then flowed through our servers and then out to iPads. We then transmitted full video replay and paint control to multiple OR displays via wireless and wired transmission. The trial has been an unprecedented success in how video can be used in OR. With success in deployment, we now know this trial can be a model for how next-generation apprenticeship Pedagogy can be used to train better surgeons.

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