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I am proud of the skills I have acquired throughout the years, and, lucky to have had so much support to become a professional in my field. Read through this section of my site to discover how you can benefit from my skills.

UI Build on iOS

A Refinement in Skills


Career and Entrepreneurial success largely depends on strong communication skills. It is one reason I leveraged my design skills at the start of my career path. "Publish or Perish" can no longer just be applied to Academia. The Internet is a common platform for both WEB and App. Creation of interfaces is fundamental to products but also for communications

Car Charger

The Challenge of going to Market


Bringing and positioning a product to market is not an easy task. It has been a constant weekly exercise regardless of career path I have been pursuing. It has not mattered if it were my company or whether it was Apple or Sony. It also didn’t matter if it were hardware or software it has been clearly my lot to do this in life. In addition to researching markets, developing a look and feel, setting programs for the product or service and managing life cycle the most important ingredient is without a doubt passion. Without a passion to permeate to the team the products success in market drops dramatically. 

SkySports Interview

Consistently being on Message


In all of my roles I have held, presenting and engaging my audience has always been required. It is a role I always gravitated towards. It did not matter if it were a broadcast segment for recent developments, a PR piece for Apple or a version of me as trainer to retail sales at Sony – it has been and continues to be a role I thrive on and enjoy immensely.

FoxSports SDI Troubleshooting

High Aptitude


A technical aptitude is essential to any person's long term career objectives. You don't have to be the expert but you need a foundation and understanding. No matter what roles we attach ourselves to they almost always involve technology. I am fortunate in that all my career roles have always enabled me to exercise learning new IT skills. And that most of my choices in careers have necessitated managing highly talented Developers, Designers and Engineers.

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