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#myplayXplay - Helping to redefine the Apprenticeship model in Surgical Training.

As a learning tool accessible video is insurmountable in value. We see, we mimic, we learn. In July 2016 we had an amazing opportunity with SickKids Hospital to prove this to be true. Not unlike how professional coaches at IRFU or Melbourne Rebels use our product, Head of Surgery, would now utilize myplayXplay as a type of virtual scalpel to demonstrate best approaches to Fellows for surgical procedures. LIVE, during that same procedure! We connected myplayXplay to in-room video sources, #stryker in this instance, video then flowed through our servers and then out to iPads. We then transmitted full video replay and paint control back out to multiple displays in the OR via wireless and wired transmission. The day was an unprecedented success in how video can be used in OR. With the days success we now know we are a model for how next generation Apprenticeship Pedagogy can be used to train better surgeons.

We were afforded this capability in deployment as SickKids are known around the world for their most excellent patient care, as well as carrying out leading-edge research, and teaching and training the health-care workers of tomorrow. They are one of the largest and most respected paediatric academic health science centres in the world.

However with this benevolence and academic know-how we have a problem that persists. We have already found the best of our best through academia. Specifically the problem; they have ZERO experience of the surgical discipline they are now meant to be masters of.

Training Surgeons Live in OR with video replay and annotation. (LINK)

How do we train would-be surgeons at minimum risk to patient on table? The mentor-ship that now occurs is effective to a point. But in many cases the scalpel would be removed from the Fellows hands in order for head of surgery to show them how its done. And there lies the problem. You can not cut twice. Once this was done the opportunity to learn has been lost. Worse we remove a very important building block for that would-be surgeon. Repetition in this sense builds much needed confidence. Every chance to be hands-on that is removed, now removes confidence.

Our findings on the day from feedback were extraordinary. Much more than we had anticipated. The corroboration of responses from surgeons fully justified the need for myplayXplay in the OR. " ... we had full autonomy in our procedure with patient but with the added benefits of seeing cuts on screen before they happened, not just text book cuts but the actual case at hand!" .. The idea that a student can view the LIVE feed of their procedure with real time annotations being made for them qualitatively ensured that each step they took would be an absolute reinforcement of their skills and talent.

More .... Video repetition (LINK)

In the end ... We got a chance to make a better surgeon! Stay tuned to our pages as we move our agenda forward for myplayXplay in OR

In the end ... We got a chance to make a better surgeon! Stay tuned to our pages as we move our agenda forward for myplayXplay in OR