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An Innovative Application for #RecognizeAndRemove — #iOS App versus #Concussion

#myplayXplay’s Inaugural Season with Premiership Rugby League

Imagine — 2 Weeks, 12 Venues, 50+ people trained on technical(s) and usability. At least 1200 miles of travel and a few hundred feet of Ethernet. This is not a small-scale integration of our innovative iOS App. What made it all worth it? It’s game night, season opener, players on the field, fans in the stands and doctors and video reviewers pitch-side glued to their iPads. This moment instantly captured the vision of what we have always imagined for our groundbreaking App and its contribution to professional and amateur sport - myplayXplay.

Defining Moments in Real-time Game Action

Managing concussion and oversight regarding player safety during a live game can be easily addressed for any professional and amateur sports. Implementing #RecognizeAndRemove is such an essential message all individuals at game time need to remember. The image above is easily that and more. It is a defining moment in the game of rugby — two opposing teams coming together at half-time to review their notes and observations in real time on iPads on the sidelines. (see link below from Premiership Rugby)

Premiership Rugby media release (link)

Mobile Advantage Keeps up with the Game

The beauty of #myplayXplay is its ability to instantly provide video replays to medical staff, to coaches and even the athletes themselves. It’s easy to monitor the activity on the field and determine if a player has experienced a head injury. Staff can also confirm that protocols are in place to protect players from additional injury. Since we’re not able to watch everything at the same time, #myplayXplay can. Our innovative App gathers multiple video feeds making them accessible to #iPad so team personnel can view angles to see exactly what happened to an injured player on the field. This is what sets #myplayXplay apart from all other video technologies that could have been chosen by #PremiershipRugby to try out in their 2016/17 season.

Live Assessments of Head Injuries

Watching coaches and medical staff reviewing video using #myplayXplay during a live game was further proof that creating an App experience around Head Injury Assessment #HIA is the ideal scenario for future sporting events while promoting player safety. Teams can get the facts of any play instantly and make informed decisions about the health and welfare of an injured player. It is not enough to take one for the team anymore — #myplayXplay allows teams to view, tag, comment, rewind and rewind again if necessary to get all the information they need to make an accurate assessment of any incident on the field. This is the extraordinary value of #myplayXplay.

Trendsetting App to Support and Protect All Athletes

2016 has been an extraordinary year for our company especially these past few months. Weeks of intense preparation, setup, deployment, training and now we are going “LIVE” with The Premiership Rugby League in the UK. It is remarkably one of the toughest leagues on the planet. And #myplayXplay is positioned at the centre of one the most cited and controversial topics in all sports — concussion. All athletes competing at a playing level where they unequivocally leave all they have on the pitch.

Our team has also left it all on the pitch. And, we’re just getting started. I congratulate everyone on their dedication, energy and imagination in crafting the vision of #myplayXplay. Is there work to be done? Of course and we’ll continue to evolve and embrace new ways to enhance our mobile strategy.

SVG article on why myplayXplay is at the height of coach and competitiveness as well as player welfare.