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Making Pretty Pictures. Ensuring Signal Integrity. #myplayXplay and Broadcast Truck HD sources.

It must be said ! ... Aside from the two opposing battle driven teams the effort put forward by a Broadcast Truck is no less inspiring than that of NASA launching a shuttle. These people are smart. But they are busy. With hundreds of feet of cable to run, technical direction to be set, camera calibration, switch testing, return feeds, requests coming at them from Broadcast on-Air talent, and then us, #myplayXplay, the team coaches and analysts. Its a wonder any signalling gets out to millions of viewers at home at all!

Melbourne Rebels AAMI Stadum

The amount of shear stuff that a truck needs to look after is staggering. Its why in many cases you must be self managed in your needs. Essentially help them understand the problem first .. then this facilitates an easy fix to that problem.

This specific piece of technology is exactly that. The #WFM2300 gave us the ability to monitor a questionable signal transmission or PHY layer and know if we had errors in the FoxSports transmission or the source. These are two very different video analysis results. The #Tektronix waveform monitor told us we had a complete loss of signal. It was an intermittent catastrophic fail. What was worse the signal was dropping from 3 different discrete outputs! How do you tell truck staff video is failing out!? Without the WFM device the day would have been long and the team's ability to use #myplayXplay would have been limited.

With the WFM2300 we didn't need to say a thing. We just needed to show staff the readings. They instantly identified where on truck the issue was coming. A few modifications on their end and #myplayXplay was showing the prettiest pictures to coaches for their needs during game.

A special thanks goes to Mr. Dominic Puppo of #Tekincite for his amazing support on helping to understand what was happening from the truck. A true professional and the most valuable person on the day.

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